CYANOSCOPE  |  kit, methods, data

CYANOSCOPE | sampling kit

cyanoScope kit

  1. Richter Optica F1 elementary microscope

  2. Microscope mechanical stage

  3. Calibration slide

  4. Digital optics adapter

  5. Cyanobacteria concentrator

  6. Plankton net with spool

  7. Microscope supplies box

  8. Microscope cozy

  9. 125ml and 250ml brown plastic HDPE bottles

  10. Digital thermometer

  11. Carry sack

  12. Integrated tube sampler


kits containing all items (1-12) are also available
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CYANOSCOPE | methods / how-to

cyanoScope methods

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NOTE: cyanoScope methods start on page 20

Identify cyanobacteria

use dirty dozen key
use iNaturalist key

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CYANOSCOPE | data submitted

cyanoScope data

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